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Archive for August 15, 2017


Cats can jump. Ours can do a standing jump from floor to a ledge more than three feet high. They are surely better than me. I let them out on the deck. I put up a child guard gate. We are up one floor. And, Willow, the adventurer, took a leap. He was on the rail! He gingerly walked the precarious perch to the edge and then promptly lost his grip. He slid down the bannister to the ground below. Imagine a very narrow ski ramp. Claws scritching and scratching all the way… to the bottom… and the ground! Escaped! Only for a moment…. I don’t know who was more shaken, the cat or his mistress. I was in the dog (cat) house for hours after. Willow doesn’t do it anymore. He was out in the heat (forgotten) and doesn’t want anything to do with the great outdoors.

Our adventurers are Spice and Patch. No, I don’t have image or video of Willow’s great escape. I’d have been dead ham for trying to film during his (mistress’s) traumatic experience.