Word and Image

The stuff of legends


The Original Ray’s. Do you know the story? It’s an urban legend. Copyright! Trademark! The Original Ray had a pizzeria but he did not ever think to protect the name – his name? Everywhere there is an original Ray’s it’s like copycat repetition. Is there an original Ray’s pizza? I believe and would agree that there was a place on 6th avenue and 11 St that would deserve the name. The slices were about $2.75 (expensive then/now). They required a knife and fork (plastic). It was served hot out of the oven. The slices never sat around long enough to cool. And the cheese! Cheese!!! There had to be a pound on every slice. I kid you not. That would be a slice you would remember and never ever mistake for something else. Maybe? Maybe not? But for me it would be the original Ray’s and deserved the name. All the rest are pretenders. They sell. I smile. It’s an urban legend. Is it there any longer? The internet casts doubt. Like all good things, it doesn’t seem to be there any longer. Just the name lives on around town. Too bad for you. Hey! Pizza is pizza, except if you have eaten Ray’s.

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