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Dave is going to ride his bike from Brooklyn to Atlanta. Why? Don’t ask. His first problem was the bike What Walmart delivered was a “beach cruiser.” Even by Dave’s standard, he can’t make 800 miles on that kind of gear. He doesn’t have a pump. Nor a spare inner tube, rear mirror, lights…etc. He rode successfully to Nova Scotia and across the Yucatan. Yeah! Mexico! Iguana tacos – yuck! Plan B – Target, Dover DE. It was a bit expensive to buy – with disc brakes! He got a “bike rack” off the shelf. It didn’t fit. The down tubes were too big a diameter to fit. On the way to the bike store, we found a $130 old Trek outside. Perfect?! But so old! Dave says it will fall apart during his ride. You need “dependable.” But it has toe clips, a bottle rack, and a rear rack. Cannibalize? The remaining bike has mileage “around town.” We went to get screws for the Target bike rack and came back with a Trek. It’s ain’t over yet.