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Seen in an art gallery. The mind is a scary place… Wake me, please.


I’m color. I started in black and white. But, I think in “color” now. The two are complementary but separate. I keep thinking I’ll go back to BxW. But I never do.

Different Strokes

Here’s different. I like taking pictures. It’s free for me. I can admire. And I don’t have to make space for something else at home. This old typewriter is unlike any I have seen. The keys are so odd. About the last thing I need right now is another typewriter. Admire and marvel. It works for me.

Beaver Creek

Not the ski resort… the antique joint in Cumberland. I look at grandfather clocks. I shouldn’t. I glanced. $17,000. There was another for $35,000. And the owner of the place had removed/sold an $80,000 clock. I think I would rather have an expensive sports car…My grandfather clock cost less than $200. It tells time and is right twice a day….


Not the opera composer… the pizza joint in Cumberland, is in an old house that was at one point a motel. It’s been on the roadside beckoning forever. We got sucked in. It was the right place at the right time. Charming atmosphere, gluten free pizza. Good? Nope. It was a store-bought crust that was tasteless. I had stomach pain afterward. Return? Nope! This is a restaurant on my list of places that I have passed, wanted to try, tried, and found wanting.


Too many images. Not enough posts. I’m cheating here. There’s a story somewhere. The praying mantis was on the deck. The cats found it and worried it, probably injuring it and maybe breaking its leg. It played “dead.” It worked. The cats left and it did too. An osprey! It’s as close as I could get. It had its mouth open. …not common to see.