Word and Image

Rite of Youth


You grew up and you saw your first Playboy. Now, there is no Playboy. Or so they tell me. Back when I was in the second grade, a kid on my block asked me if I wanted to see ‘bear’ women. No! No thanks. I didn’t get it until he said and I understood – ‘bare’ women. The big joke was that the magazine was only showing the backside. No frontal. Oh brother?!! And then there was the time my friend wandered across the street from the YMCA and returned breathless to report they had a magazine called “Pregnant!’ No, it was Pageant. I guess he could not spell (too well). But the first Playboy? It was at a party at my dentist’s house (his daughter’s party). Another girl put a Playboy in the bathroom hamper for Elmer and I to peruse. Then we’d leave and she’d leave another. Marilyn made an impression upon us all. She died when I was just a kid. But she left an indelible memory. If you are not familiar, this was her Playboy nude. How it ended up on a calendar is interesting but not unexpected.

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