Word and Image

Americana. I guess that is what one can call this stuff. I’ve never seen an egg beater like this. Rarely. Occasionally. Sometimes. I’m glad I don’t collect rolling pins. They abound by the truckload. I’m looking for a beater like this. But it has to work (at the right price) . I’m still looking.

Carom boards are an older game. The boards are collectable. Notice the pegs. The ones for sale always have a missing peg. Just one. Not two. Just one missing peg.

I had this book. It was a favorite. I loved Peter Pan. It reminds me of another pop up book my mother purchased at Macy’s. It was Cinderella? Maybe Sleeping Beauty. I was opening the book as we crossed 34th St. The head of the heroine tore off. I just let it fall to the street. My mom was so disappointed. I was not. She made and taped a crayon-drawn head and life went on. What mattered and that I remember is her disappointment in my allowing the head to fall to the street without telling her. I would say that I had brain lock and it never occurred to me though I vividly remember the head tearing away. Sad. Read the inscription. Someone’s grandma once wrote “love” into this book. No. I took a picture. We did not buy it.

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