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Archive for November 10, 2017

Address Book

This address book stopped me in my tracks. Nostalgic! Oh boy. Le Madeleine – Proust. This is old. It’s old fashioned. It’s not in use any longer. Does anyone use anything but a smart phone? You move the tab to the “letter” and open the pad. It shows you the name address and info you wrote there. Not only is it for sale, but all the contacts are still inside. My mom had one. She filed my ‘Auntie’s” name under “A” for  “Aunt.” That worked fine for me. But, they were her sisters. So they weren’t her Aunties? Go figure. Nowadays we have caller ID. No one gets past unless I know who’s calling. Funny, I don’t get too many calls. All them “800” callers are SOL.