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Relatives are hard to keep track of. Or not. But for me, yes. Yes, I’ve noticed that I don’t always write in complete sentences. Miss Digman, please accept my apologies. She taught me sentence diagramming in eighth grade. What I know about writing a sentence came from her. She was a matronly buxom woman of no nonsense who scared the knowledge right into me. I know the difference between a gerund and a split infinitive because of her.

Sorry. I digressed. The story is long and I’ll be short. Ha. Charlie is a cousin. He was an uncle’s nephew adopted as a child in China and brought to NJ. He drifted back to Taiwan. He later had a couple kids and they live on the west coast. Ooops. The story got long… I managed to get Dave and Charlie to meet by contacting Alice, who arranged a hook up. Alice is my cousin, Charlie’s sister. Do not ask exactly how Dave’s related to Cahrlie. In China everyone calls anyone older – “Uncle.” Say, “Uncle.”