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My Violin

Found in an antique store… So, this is a story from my high school senior year. We used to joke about the Mafia. Guys with violin cases were in the movies “rubbing out” their victims when they pulled a Thompson machine gun from the case to “do in” their victims. To be honest I don’t think the drum ammo clip would fit in the case. But, joke about it, we did. And, for my birthday that year, Andy, my long lost best friend, got me a violin case. We solemnly walked the subway all day back and forth to Stuyvesant High. Anyone who would admire my prowess in playing the violin would be ceremoniously shot with the super soaker machine gun squirt gun within. Oh boy! We had a lot of laughs over that. It was the late sixties. I hardly think any law officials/bystanders would pass this as innocent high school humor in this day. Laugh or cry, you decide. I just had a laugh when I opened the case to find it empty in this antique store.

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