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Archive for April 1, 2018

Let’s Do Fish!

Let’s do fish! It’s been more than a year since I last dived. (hmmm? dive, dove, diven?) It’s like anything else – skiing – you don’t forget. Right now – it is just something I did – once upon a time ago. The water in the Atlantic is way cold. I shall wait for warmer water – Hawaii or the Caribbean. It doesn’t mean we can’t do a retrospective. My fish pics are my screen saver. I see them daily. Retrospective? Yeah, I got some really nice pics. Red Sea, with camera equipment adequate but not high end. I had camera envy and not. There’s no way I was going to fry a $5000 rig. I was pushed to my limit mastering technical details in order to come away with good images.

Let’s start with my kids. Jules (nickname) doesn’t allow me to use her real name when I post. Her students find her when they are searching the web. Dave’s cool. (That will “fry” his sister.) He learned to dive in the Red Sea. Jules learned in the Caribbean. She held his hand like a “big sister” would. They were worried about their nutty dad. Remember the times I took you (kids) skiing down Black Diamond trails before you could read? I take embarrassing pics of my kids. They had a great time! We all did! And, I taught them the basics of underwater photography.

I was fortunate to have both of my kids come dive with me in the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia does not allow tourists. Visas are strictly regulated. There was one magical week in which we did a series of dives together. We did a night dive. (I fooled and cajoled them into it.) We had a magical turtle encounter. Moments in life come and go. Before you realize it, the moment has passed. Only in retrospect do I really now appreciate how special it was to have had this experience with the kids. Our lives have all changed and it’s unlikely to ever occur again.