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Archive for April 23, 2018

Where What…did you do?

ski 2 2012 copy 2I once belonged to Kodak’s photo site where I could store and share pictures. Remember the big yellow box? They were film. Film! They (pictures) were bought up by Shutterfly. And Shutterfly knows where I live (at least my email address). They (Shutterfly) sent me an email with these photos that I had uploaded six years ago. Nice try. Nice ploy. I don’t upload anything unless I already have a backup. Right. But it was an interesting email. Wow. I applied for car insurance and they knew all my violations going back to 1999. Well, they listed a ticket as 9999 but I get it. In some way, you get the idea that you will be online somewhere on the internet forever. No one really cares. They care. Can you believe what someone has on a server somewhere out there?

Ski 2012 copy