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Archive for May 19, 2018

It’s not ok anymore

It’s not ok!! I don’t care what your political persuasion is any longer. It’s never right for a kid to die. Imagine? Another group of kids are dead in America. This group is dead right before graduation. This group didn’t deserve to die. I don’t care to whom you wish to assign blame. You can blame anyone. You can blame guns. I’m so beyond rhetoric. Enough is enough?! Can we just try something else? The news plays the platitudes –  “thoughts and prayers.” Instead of graduation, someone is attending a funeral this weekend. There will be empty seats at their high school graduation. There is an empty seat in college next year. Why? Can’t we stop with the wishing and hoping and do something? Each time they shoot another kid – it’s someone else’s son or daughter – I am (selfishly) thankful that mine are no longer in school. Another moment of silence, listen to the politicians spout? I say no more. I attended the Washington rally on March 24. “Vote them out!!”

I made this

My last experiment taught me that I need a pasta maker. We borrowed/took one from a relative. She wasn’t using it. So, it’s on, sort of, permanent loan. But I told her I borrowed it. I actually did good. The pasta doesn’t resemble anything store bought. It’s gluten free. Ha! Can’t you tell? Anyway, it’s all in the sauce. The foundation (pasta) worked just fine.