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There’s not too much to like about Canadian geese. They poop – a lot – all over the grass. Laughing? Considered a nuisance there are local measures in place to get them to go elsewhere. Somebody else’s back yard? Me? They are not on my radar. The rabbits and deer who are eating my plants are (on my radar). So I tip my hat and take my pictures.

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  1. I once worked for a company whose headquarters had a large park-like setting. They had a major Canadian goose problem, but the birds were protected. Someone had the idea to put a plastic swan in the ponds as geese and swans don’t get along. But the geese quickly figured that out. So they got real swans. That worked for a year. The next year, the geese made peace with the swans and were back. I moved on before the geese did.

    May 23, 2018 at 7:32 am

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