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I don’t tweet

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I’m a democrat. Even if I weren’t I would be now. What’s this asshole doing? I am ashamed that he is president. I am ashamed that he has a forum. I am aghast that he has an avid following. The rest of the world shakes a collective finger (middle) at his antics. Enough is enough. Vote! Vote to impeach his sorry ass. I’m not very conflicted. You were an ass before you were elected. You are still. It might be better to remain quiet and let history disgrace you. Infamous? You bet. No more neutrality. You know where I stand. And, no, you don’t get to break the law!

National Museum of African American History and Culture


Yes, it’s free. But that is not the only reason we attended. It opened about two years ago. It was pretty moving. I learned more than I wanted to know. For instance, the ship model cutaway shows slaves stacked like cargo. Exactly. And it was assumed that there could be as much as 33% loss of cargo during the voyage. Really! I never knew the inhumanity. And it was not confined to a single country. Multiple nations took part and profited. The suffering was enormous. I can admit that this was not something taught in any school I attended. History is written by the winners. The losers don’t get much mention. I’m truly saddened and appalled.


Reflection – reflecting pool/waterfall. It was on the list of places to see in the museum.


This cutaway model shows how human cargo was stacked/arranged for the long voyage from Africa to the colonies. I was shocked. Somehow, i never realized the utter lack of regard for human life. I am ashamed at my ignorance of human suffering. I am sad.