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It was a split second. Maybe it will be longer for you. It sank in and then joy! Oh happy day! I guess everyone knows now. I was the last in the family to know. It’s ok. I’m the dad. Jules called today to tell me she had sent me a Father’s Day gift. And it was delivered at about the same moment she rang up. She told me to wait till later to open it. She was traveling. Hours later she called, told me to Face Time her, and then to open it. Glass/Fragile stickers were on the box. “Grandpa Victor.” Hey, I’m old but….. oh! I’m gonna be a grandpa! Well, I was wondering if it would ever be the day? Wow! Elation! Worries! Cool! I guess you  could agree it’s the nicest Father’s Day present I’m ever gonna get. If not, it ranks right up there! Hmmm …I can’t think of anything better.

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