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Look what I planted

I did container gardening in Manhattan for many years. A very nice flaky flute playing gardener planted our deck one year. He played ‘happy birthday’ on his flute for Dave. It was just before his birthday April 30. I never saw him again but the lesson took. The main thing I remember is, “Plants like to be crowded in containers.” So, I do it with whatever is available. What grows? From place to place and year to year it varies. Begonias were my bugaboo last year. All summer long I lamented that they were scrawny. But, this year is a whole new year. Too many fine shots, too little space. If you look closely the detail is good. Otherwise enjoy the color. I expect the containers will be the best ever this year.

What to plant? Whatever you like. Annuals are just one and done.. But they are showy. Perennials? They come back year after year. The cold may be too much for them to survive containers. And in the lawn beds, the rabbits and deer may find them to be a banquet. It’s a balance. Fox urine is overrated.

It’s always a guessing game. Plants don’t winter over. Or they fail to thrive. Roses: Ugh! Mine have been sickly. I tried fairy roses. They are ever blooming and get to be very large bushes. Nope. Lily? The rabbits loved them. Wisteria? They are a work in progress. I’ve got a balcony in the front of the house that only a mother could love. F-ugly. It’s always fun to experiment. You go to Lowe’s – (we don’t Home Depot (Republican) any more) – you pick your palette, and then you plant away.

That gardener so many years back – he planted a rhododendron that blooms every year on Dave’s birthday. As far as I know it survived the container for more than thirty years and is now living a fine life of retirement in the ground on Long Island…. I hope.