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From the NY Times. I’m frankly ashamed. We have sunk to the low of blaming infants and children for our immigration problems. We have separated children from their parents. We have made children political pawns. We have pulled out of the UN Human Rights Council. However you believe, it is not fair to blame and hold kids hostage. It’s a neat trick to blame the other side. The opposition is responsible when you (Donald Trump) have the power? You separated the families and have no plan to reunite them. You never had a plan. You don’t have one now. There is no evidence that any child has been in contact or reunited with their parent.

I will vote. And you will be gone. The sooner the better. Go live in a tent. You’re not living under a foil blanket. And to the rest of America: Whatever you believe whatever your politics, if you have a kid or know one, you can’t agree that kids should be treated this way. They are neither gang members or criminals. They are innocents.

PS – there are some (few) kids who have been reunited and others that were not taken from their parents. For the sake of clarity, I amend my post. Unlike our fearful leader, I do not try to tell lies. I’m not as low as he goes.


When do you see geese on a rooftop? It was unusual for us to comment. Backlit, I wasn’t getting a good shot. But there is the benefit of having one goose open his mouth and lift his leg. That at least added some interest. But, the original question remains. Why were they on the rooftop? The one on the left honked and his companion landed beside him. They flew off a few moments later. It was a nice little rendezvous.