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Archive for July 9, 2018

Slow Day

What else is there? I was just sitting around. Oh! Apple TV. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Dave got us one for Xmas. Don’t laugh. I just now opened the box. It’s only six months later. Wow! Well, he made me buy my first iPhone back in 2014. I guess you could say that he’s more “tech” than me now. (Come to think of it, I just checked on latest greatest cameras. I’m not too out of date yet.) But, the darned Apple TV, it’s just great. There is a ton of programming for free, including movies. Unfortunately, I live with someone who thinks the Wizard of Oz is too stressful. You name it (movie); we can’t watch it. Oh well, there are worse things in life. Meanwhile, I’m watching an old (1985) movie and the cats are all over me. I’m playing around with the camera and experimenting with angles and “no look” shooting. My! I can get some pretty cool focused shots. It’s almost auto-pilot. Point and shoot. Yes, you need to know the limit of your camera. I also freely admit that the subject (cats) are way more cooperative than most of my human (subjects).