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Archive for July 13, 2018

Big baby

baby DT copy

I must admit that I lack sympathy. I am in agreement. The big baby Trump blimp is quite appropriate. I’m passing this photo along. This is my means of telling the world. I am not proud of this man. He does not represent anything good. He has supporters. I do not understand how they can stand with him. Their time is limited and the end is near. The world is onto him now. We also have an electorate that gets it. The minority will not prevail when the wheel turns around once more. Thank you London, England.

What’s in this shot?

2415 37 Julia desk copy

Nostalgic. Was I ever this messy? Was I ever this disorganized? Was it this chaotic? Jules is in my seat. Old cracked leather chair? There is the last bulk slide loader – not the current one I own. There is the original Apple laptop. And there is a Mac desktop. And I see at least two external storage drives. The materials no longer exist. A floppy drive? Floppy discs. The grandkids wouldn’t have a clue. Books!? Paper!? Slide carousels and boxes. The drawers behind Jules’ shoulder are the custom made drawers that held the first 40,000 or so slides. Who’d have thought I’d run out of space. I still have those drawers – they need to be remounted/hung. There is a bulk loader for a slide scanner. Ah! A picture that told a thousand stories. And, no, I’m still a mess. Don’t laugh! I don’t throw things away.