Word and Image

What’s in this shot?

2415 37 Julia desk copy

Nostalgic. Was I ever this messy? Was I ever this disorganized? Was it this chaotic? Jules is in my seat. Old cracked leather chair? There is the last bulk slide loader – not the current one I own. There is the original Apple laptop. And there is a Mac desktop. And I see at least two external storage drives. The materials no longer exist. A floppy drive? Floppy discs. The grandkids wouldn’t have a clue. Books!? Paper!? Slide carousels and boxes. The drawers behind Jules’ shoulder are the custom made drawers that held the first 40,000 or so slides. Who’d have thought I’d run out of space. I still have those drawers – they need to be remounted/hung. There is a bulk loader for a slide scanner. Ah! A picture that told a thousand stories. And, no, I’m still a mess. Don’t laugh! I don’t throw things away.

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