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Birthday time

1725 21 Julia face paint

One birthday this year. Growing up Jules had three/year. She had an end of school party, a summer party, and one on her actual birthday with family. No more. I tell her once per year. She’s younger that way. She was born in the wee hours. It always seems to be that way. We didn’t know she would be a girl. After declaring her identity, I added she had ten toes, “Eight on one foot, two on the other.” Her mother was not pleased. Humor is about timing. Sometimes mine was off. …like about thirty years.

Oooo! I got more space to fill. I saw the ultrasound pic of Jules’ new baby. It’s neat. We did not do one for her (Jules). Lisa worried about long term damage from sound waves. As far as I can tell there have been no effects. Now that there’s a new one on the way, we’ve begun to collect all manner of baby things. It’s simply amazing how one small 6lb package can take up so much space once it lands. And I recall though the clothes are small, they go through about ten wardrobe changes per day. Ha ha, that’s all the space left…