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No harm, no foul


This is an old slide. Okay? I didn’t bother to correct the color. It’s the content that counts. I did not let Jules choke Dave… for long. No kids were harmed in the making of this slide. Ha! One might question whether I should have intervened immediately? As I said no one was harmed. One might argue that there was subliminal psychological scarring. As you can see from my previous post they grew up and remain close.

To that I say, “Fake News!” Hey! No joke. The Newseum shop in Washington DC pulled their “Fake News” T shirts when they got complaints. Ummm? They made money for the museum. Oh! It’s a museum devoted to the “News!” Controversial? They kept the make America great hats. I suppose there is only so much one can do. Are we too numb anymore?