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2518 32 David

There’s a lot to be said here. I’m guilty of looking at the background of pictures. Sure, David is the subject. And it’s a good shot. But…there in the background is a New York high rise condominium – two, that weren’t there in the skyline when we moved into our apartment. The cost is prohibitive and I could never afford to live there now. The background tells me that the apartment (mine) has not yet undergone it’s second/third renovation. There is a spinning wheel. It was a place holder. We/Lisa never learned to use it. So, it sat. Dave was busy drawing dinosaurs. He learned the names of all of them before he was in school. He is/was an artist. He’s wearing a tie because he is still attending Collegiate, a school that required tie and jacket. The jacket was sort of optional. They were piled in a corner during class and worn somewhat infrequently. Dave would bring home someone else’s jacket at the end of the year. You just grabbed “any” jacket from that pile when you went to the next class. They were all blue.