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This Company (WordPress) Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web

WordPress.com, one the internet’s biggest blogging platforms, is operated by a company called Automattic, which also runs a wide array of smaller sites and internet services. Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists have been able to remain on WordPress.com thanks, in part, to policies put in place to resist previous campaigns to get content removed from its service, particularly through the strategic use of copyright claims.

“Posting conspiracy theories or untrue content is not banned from WordPress.com, and unfortunately this is one of those situations,” Automattic said in a statement. “It is a truly awful situation, and we are sympathetic to the Pozner family.”

New York Times, 8/14/18


I did a quick search. There are no other better alternatives. I’m sorry to say that the policy allows for hate speech and untrue content. I’ve been here since 2011. I guess I will remain. But if you or anyone else is listening, I am aware of your policy and am not happy that Automatic chooses to take this stance.

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