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Archive for August 23, 2018


The big divide…where were you? When? 2004, June – the last time I shot a roll of slide film. Just like that! The Nikon D70 changed it all. Previously the digital cameras cost $5000 down from$10,000. Kodak used a Nikon body and built a digital camera. The printer was also in the thousands of dollars. Then Nikon brought the D70 for about $1000, my price. Though expensive, it was within my perceived range as an advanced amateur. The event? David’s high school graduation. I meant to shoot color slide and to finish off the brick(s) (20 rolls) of slide film in the freezer. Nope, never did. I eventually (years later) tossed out the rolls. Nope, not another slide. By this time in 2004, I was processing my film at a local lab. They’d do it in a day, even an hour. Darkroom time was too limited. My downstairs neighbor objected to running water after dark (3AM). Yes, this graduation was, in its own way, a graduation for me too. My film cameras sit as a paperweight, dust collection, fine to look at, but never used again. I’m at peace with that. Lately, my big trusty Nikon has been supplanted by my point and shoot Canon G7. The images and sensor are every bit as large as the Nikon D70 without the bulk and weight. The lens is outstanding too. Why fight progress? I still use the Nikon D610 and I don’t rely on the iPhone. It’s all a matter of where you draw the line. My images satisfy me. iPhone images overwhelmingly satisfy the masses. That’s good too?

The pics? David, of course. His sister and grandmother. That would be his best buddy (lifelong so far) Michael. Nice stuff.