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Big sister

There’s another shot I have not found (till tomorrow). But it’s a classic. Jules was choking the sh*t out of David there too. They were babies. No, it’s not done with malice. They are truly horsing around…as in not serious!! I take lots of pics. I get a few that are out of the ordinary. Out takes – they do get along, don’t they?

Not long ago

2490 26 Alphonse D'Amato

Once upon a time I was there and here is the picture to prove it. A twinkle in time… but, back about 20 years ago… 1998, July 4th. The parade in Southampton was graced by Senator D’Amato. He was an unabashed Republican in a blue state, New York. He brought home the pork! He was proud of it! And he never ever let anyone forget what he did for NY. Three terms! He got re-elected twice! NY has not elected another Republican senator since (2000).

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

Senator Carper attributed the quote to Truman. Not exactly so. Truman made similar reference to the original by George Santayama (1905), “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

“All politics is local” is attributed to former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O’Neill.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

Famously attributed but not exactly confirmed. Maybe he (Lincoln) never said it? The Republican party of Lincoln is now the Democratic party of today. Watch what the conservatives say. They like to twist things to and fro. Like any magic trick, watch what the other hand is doing.

These days politics is like that. Maybe, maybe not. We don’t have far to look back and realize that D’Amato was a Republican in a Democratic land. And he was re-elected using a narrow platform. Give ’em what they want. A whole lot of Democrats drank the cool-aide more than once.

Working politician


Tom Carper – former governor and current US Senator came to speak. His wife cheer leaded for him. He is the consummate politician. He worked the room like a master politician. He was a warm personable and very engaging politician. He personally went around the room and shook everyone’s hand and learned key facts that he used to engage the crowd like they were long lost friends. Did I mention he was a masterful politician? He spent nearly two hours with about twenty-five people. He started by asking us to state our names and our issues. Needless to say, there were anguished pleas to stop the madness in Washington. And in the last ten minutes he spoke to those very complaints and issues. He was a masterful politician. He managed to skirt every single issue with platitudes and a message of positive thinking. The US has been in this position before and it will all one day become better. He did not say a single controversial thing. When he was done I knew nothing about his stance on gun control. It’s easy. You are for it or against it. Not a word. We applauded. He had worked the room like a masterful politician. Bravo! I will hold my nose and vote for him in the national. I will vote for his democratic opponent in the primary. i will do that so he might know there are some folks who oppose his complacency. Wake up dude! I see that you are a masterful politician. I wish I could be you. At the same time I’d like to see some action. That’s not what masterful politicians do. They are there to get re-elected. Campaign reform, term limits? No, the guardians of the vault are the bank robbers. Oh my, why didn’t I think of that. And I shoot too straight to ever be elected to office. Yes, now we can find the plans for plastic guns. How is it that I will not be surprised to find gun manufacturers are behind the effort to ban plastic? It was a disappointing “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment for me when everyone in the room clapped hands.

Paul Revere

Revere ware. It’s the pots I grew up with. My mother had a set. I had some too. Then I lost them. Don’t ask. I’ve been collecting them again – thrift stores are a great place to find things. I have a lot of mismatched pots at this point. And among them are Revere pots. But this latest find was from the later copper clad collection. It was used and abused, found in the discard pile at the thrift store the other day. It would sell in the antique store for real money. Here, it was a steel (sic). No, silly! Copper.

Basket case


We renamed Nibbles to Nutley. Wasn’t there a Rocky and Bullwinkle character?….no Muttley. No matter this is Nutley. He ran and hopped into the basket to hide from me. Yes, he needed a safe place to hide. As you can see, no one is truly safe around me. Don’t laugh. (ha ha). But then again I would hide too if someone tossed me about like so much flotsam.


This is the follow up to the meringue cookies. If I didn’t tell and you didn’t know, then flat cookies look good next to a BLT. This is the quintessential sandwich of my childhood. It is best eaten when someone else has made it! And yes! This was made for me by a someone else – beloved! The cookies were good! Too! And my cats? Well, they are my 10%ers now. Spice was all over the bacon. Hey! Don’t mess with daddy’s food! She got nearly a slice before I could finish. Yes, they are predators at mealtime. Eat fast or perish.

Nutley & Ray


For now – they still fit in the bathroom sink… You will laugh and shake your head. We adopted twins – cats. Seven, count ‘em. Three sets of twins and Elle. Ok, now you can laugh. When you have five, seven is not a strange leap. This was an identical situation. We entered the pet store to buy food. And this pair grabbed me and held fast. They had different names. Ray was named because the cousin who will feed when we are gone is named Ray. We call him Mike (the cousin) so that’s ok. No confusion there. But we figured Mike would be less put out by feeding seven while we were away. Nibbles actively bit at you when you held him. He was soon called Nutley ‘cause he’s crazy nuts. It fits. They have been about as well received among the older cats as could be expected. Ray brought a cold home from the pet store. Each and every cat has suffered serially since then. They are all on the mend. Still, it’s no fun to take the full brunt of a sneeze while you are holding a cat. Yup, runny drippy noses. Hey, they don’t use Kleenex.



I don’t bake. Yes, I’m a scientist – of sorts. I cook. It’s largely undisciplined – like me! But baking? That’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. We had leftover egg whites from making pie. Yes! It was a stunning Atlantic Beach pie from the NYT. Imagine it covered in whipped cream – but then you’d not see the pie.


Meringue cookies! Yes! Brilliant! A disaster even by my humble standards. Mix, measure, match, bake. Utter disaster! We trashed a sifter, egg beater, mixer, and a stand mixer all within one bake. No sh*t Sherlock! Yes, that would be a record for ‘round these parts. And the cookies were flat! Tasty but flat. The egg whites needed more beating! Duh! I’d write in all CAPS!, but you get it. Too funny. It cost me. I had to buy one each… and yes, this time it was a Kitchen Aide stand mixer. I register protest here and now. I wonder how the next batch of meringue cookies will turn out?

Birthday time

1725 21 Julia face paint

One birthday this year. Growing up Jules had three/year. She had an end of school party, a summer party, and one on her actual birthday with family. No more. I tell her once per year. She’s younger that way. She was born in the wee hours. It always seems to be that way. We didn’t know she would be a girl. After declaring her identity, I added she had ten toes, “Eight on one foot, two on the other.” Her mother was not pleased. Humor is about timing. Sometimes mine was off. …like about thirty years.

Oooo! I got more space to fill. I saw the ultrasound pic of Jules’ new baby. It’s neat. We did not do one for her (Jules). Lisa worried about long term damage from sound waves. As far as I can tell there have been no effects. Now that there’s a new one on the way, we’ve begun to collect all manner of baby things. It’s simply amazing how one small 6lb package can take up so much space once it lands. And I recall though the clothes are small, they go through about ten wardrobe changes per day. Ha ha, that’s all the space left…