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Archive for September 5, 2018

Who do you love (most)

It’s a game. What if there were a fire? Which cat (kid) would you save if you could (had) only grab one? It’s a dilemma! It’s a conundrum. A cat, a mouse, and a fox need to cross the river but you may only take them one a time in a rowboat… Cats don’t come when you call them. Ha! Try it! It doesn’t work that way. Well, they show up for “wet” food in the morning. Then each has his/her own eating spot. I caught/crated them that way when we went to the vet. Sure, make sure the fire occurs when it’s feeding time… otherwise it is no easy task to corral a cat. Which one? Well, we debated. There are five (cats). The closest, the favorite, the one you can catch at that moment? Yeah, yeah, you love them all equally! But secretly? We’re still working out the details. Meanwhile, it has rained the past couple days. I mean, deluge!

And while we’re talking water… you are in a tunnel (say Brooklyn Battery in NYC more than a mile long). It collapses and the water is rushing toward your car. Save yourself. No, you cannot bring a scuba tank. And you cannot breathe underwater and swim for a mile without oxygen/breathing. How do you get out (alive)? I would drive and sit in traffic for countless hours and ponder this riddle/problem. I found a workable solution. It’s elegant. It’s practical. It took me countless hours. So, you don’t get the solution for free. It costs pennies. And you don’t need a scuba tank.