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Archive for October 13, 2018

Break my heart

Falling down laughing. There’s another generation of young ones learning to spell creatively. Reading and writing is fascinating. I hated to read. My mother had tasked me with reading “The Poky Little Puppy” aloud, over and over. I suppose I should have memorized it. It would have gone faster. And I was good at memorizing things. Nonetheless, it seems to be history that repeats as kids try their hand at spelling in their early writing compositions. Jules was certainly that way. I took pictures of everything. Yet, this was one of the only samples I came across as I scanned. As I translated… it can break your heart. What can I say? Just read it and feel the innocence in her emotional plea. I presume it was directed at me? No matter. It’s a universal thought. I would hug you again if you were here now.