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Archive for November 19, 2018

Would you believe this?

I thought I had taken a fantastic picture. I thought I had a hummingbird! Nope! I was promptly corrected out of hand – hummingbird moth. Really! Did they make up that ID? It was a correct identification. Never heard of it! Apparently, a lot of other people have. It was kind of spooky bizarre. I caught the shot as the bug was hovering over the flowers. I got exactly these two shots that were good enough to post. I’m pretty amazed myself. I sent to the kids. Immediately, David responded that he had seen them in Joshua Tree park. I’ve been there. I did not see them. Oh well, sometimes I discover new and amazing things to find that others know all about it. This was a lot of fun to find and share. And I can say that I have never seen this before. You may feel free to “ho hum” now.