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After my last post: one image. Ha. There are plenty of beautiful women. This is a standout. Does she know it? I think it was her complexion that caught my eye. Or? It was an instant. An image or two. I couldn’t help it. She’s outstanding in a way that one appreciates art. I was with the one I love. Don’t get any other ideas. This was art. The love of your life is an entirely different concept.

I have deju vu dreams. Really. And periodically I see the scenario replay in real life. Just like the dream… i once dreamed of a woman I was instantly madly in love with. I awoke and knew in my heart I would have left my wife for this woman…. Oh the guilt!! The dream has never come to pass…. luckily, I remain alive. I’m pretty certain I would not leave the one I love for another. Certain! Very!