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Happy Christmas


I am inspired by the TV ads that offer up luxury cars for Xmas. Inspiring! Find a car in your driveway on Christmas day. Oh brother!? Why not Xmas in August?

The old one was a bit long on the mileage. Not too bad for a Subaru. But?… Well you show up and they offer you: last year’s model, this (new) year’s model, or a certified used (low mileage) model. The last year’s model was selling at 0% finance. No brainer. Ha ha. I did brain surgery? No longer. But we got a new one, car not brain. Moon roof, automatic rear hatch open/close, back up camera, and navigation – new features appreciated. New cars are an extension of the technology/computer/internet era. Navigation? It’s an add-on extra. But… you can hook up your iPhone maps without the nav package! I have driven without a backup camera forever. It’s mandatory in new cars now. I still look over my shoulder and out the back. Old habits are hard to change. But for the other driver in the front passenger seat….she won’t have to look around so much any longer. And, the old Forrester? They sold her a day later. Old Subarus, they sell like hotcakes.