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Archive for January 13, 2019


I don’t know what is worse. Can you imagine lying straight to my face? I am able to read not once but numerous times. The Google search was not even hard.


As if I can’t understand it well enough, he twittered in ALL CAPS!!! I ask how any rational person can think that the US government would want to pay someone else’s bill. For the fun of it??? Can I get points on my American Express?

Under water

There ain’t no climate change. Nope nada none. We live in low lying terrain. What happens when it rains is no mystery. Flooding! We get an advisory for flash flood warning frequently. Sometime it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Hey! The weatherman is wrong sometimes. When he is right we have streets under water. It’s fun? to see unless you live there and have to hump your supplies to and fro. The last is a joke. Under water is no fun. The umbrellas are not under water or buried. Right?