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Ooops! This has been an exciting day. And of course, I’ve been distracted. We were informed that Jules is about to deliver a brand new baby girl. Wow! And, more wow! Ok, this is my first official grandpa experience. So far it’s been very smooth – for me. Jules stopped working yesterday. Yes, really, literally. So the next day… yup. She’s been very comfortable. Ah! Great drugs. And now the waiting. Why is it always that they have labor at night and continue indefinitely ever after? Funny, Jeff took a picture of the NY Times headline – on the day you were born. Oh boy. Soon.

Oh! This is a rebozo. It’s a baby wrap. You wrap and carry the new baby. Convenient. No model for this finished product. So, the closest cat modelled – Feather. She lasted about ten seconds and then leapt for safety. It’s Nutley who’s snuggled up to the seventeen foot cloth Colleen wove with love. Yup, this baby will be well loved all around.

Grandma Moses



Grandma Moses. Anna Mary Robertson Moses (September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961), known by her nickname Grandma Moses, was an American folk artist. She began painting in earnest at the age of 78 and is often cited as an example of an individual who successfully began a career in the arts at an advanced age.

I am okay. But the painting is pretty primitive. Is that fair? Maybe childish? Juvenile? Here’s my point. Look at the eyes. They are just painted dots. Dots. Not even an attempt at making them symmetric. I was kind of shocked. Because you start when you are old, it gives you a free pass on technique? I guess, I should get out my paint again. I did some mickey mouse watercolor work last year. I dispatched the efforts to the junk pile. Right place, right time, favorable critics – timing is everything.