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Vantage Point … viral

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See it for yourself. This is one interpretation. The picture is viral. The student depicted has received death threats. He’s wearing a MAGA hat. Is it a smirk on his face? Or is it respect or disrespect? Freedom of speech for both parties? One can argue either way/side. It was certainly more complicated than this single image suggests. Are we in or out of context here? Does a picture say a thousand words? Things could have been so different or done differently. The controversy is Catch 22. Damn or be damned, you are in the middle. I see this one way. We all have to choose. And you do too.

Vantage Point – the movie – 2008 – Dennis Quaid, Forrest Whitaker, William Hurt



The past tense of see… how about see-saw. A man playing the saw is not something you see often. And a man playing a saw with a coffin in the background would be even more rare. Apropos, we met up with a group who advocated death with dignity. Bury yourself. Well, not quite. But you can build your own coffin and be buried on your own land and …. well, there are no rules in most states. I won’t go into details except that people don’t… and they don’t pay exorbitant funeral expense. And so on… so there was this man playing a saw…