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I shoulda known

nyt cook copy

The bastards! They want to make money. Doesn’t everyone? The recipes sucked me right in and right along. I have saved hundreds of recipes. Fortunately I have cooked only a very few “go to” recipes. Others, in prior years I saved to my computer the hard way. I copied the recipe to a word document. Like trusty index cards, I have a collection, most of which I never attempted. We are replete with a full line of cookbooks. And the internet! It knows all. So the cruelest twist is that now the NYT has a screen default to subscribe (forever!) indefinitely to their recipes. I shoulda coulda known that anything doesn’t last except what’s on my hard drive. I did not and was seduced by the ease of saving a recipe and letting the NYT keep them archived. Fortunately no foul, no harm. My faith has not been broken. I always never did trust that there is “free lunch.” Back up your stuff. Leave nothing to trust.

img_3816It’s not my best work – the image or the recipe. This is a Dutch baby. It’s eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. Don’t forget the stick of butter. What could be bad? I got it off the NYT recipes. It’s a showstopper. The recipe is online elsewhere. Did I say that recipes are available for free just about anywhere else you want to look? Charging a subscription fee indefinitely is like taking tea to China. …or carrying coal to Newcastle.