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When did we become an international laughing stock? I know the US is not loved in many many places. But! Come on! This photo is in Italy at a parade. They actually pay enough attention to care? I don’t know who the Italian president is nor could I name anyone in the government. It’s just not on my radar. And there was the big baby Trump balloon in London – which El Paso is busily trying to rent for themselves. But the erstwhile Republican congress stands behind the fearless leader. Why?




No charm the second time around. I was last in Baxter State park in 2008. Near the end of the day I had the moose encounter of a lifetime. I was (my)  nose to very big  nose (moose). And it was awesome. I knew it was once in a lifetime then. Unfortunately, it has proven correct so far.


We tried once more. The views were spectacular. The closest I got was a moose sign as we left the park. But at almost the same time after we had just left the park… beaver! I stopped to shoot the setting sun over a marsh.

And in the water were two beavers just swimming about. They were unfazed by me or my camera. And voila! Beaver encounter. I realize that they were not particularly photogenic. But at least I had a real wild nature encounter with an animal not usually seen by me in the wild.