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It’s been a heck of a month

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Anniversary, birthday and more… to follow. It is Jules anniversary. They are visiting the site of their wedding. Jeff is sentimental. I knew I liked the guy. He took a couple days off. I’d have done it. Good for you guys. And though you don’t celebrate, it’s Noa’s one month date. Mothers know the date, day, hours and minutes from birth. So congratulations all around. In my humble and biased (very) opinion, the kid is cute. There’s been concern that Noa doesn’t smile often enough. Never mistake gas for a smile. As the waiters in Europe would always ask when ordering bottled water, “Sans gaz?” Yes, for real, look it up.

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Avec ou sans gaz? – FranceSays

Feb 18, 2016 – Now the French have adopted a similar term for sparkling water: ‘eau pétillante’. …. I love fizzy mineral water too but if it was a toss up between wine and …. on my first European trips, so back in the 60s, maybe your Mom had it right! …. That’s where this “avec ou sans gaz “comes from and it’s logical since …