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“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you….” Oh yeah! I was walking around the store and paused to read the label. I was appalled.

Britta makes water filters. They are not cheap. You buy the device and then pay for filters forever. Read the label. Really. Read the label. Okay, you don’t know  chemistry. Can you follow along? Britta is careful to not promise that everything will be removed. It reduces. There is no safe level of lead. It’s either there or not. Ditto: mercury or cadmium. Sounds official. It’s not. If you have asbestos in your water, your water company is not doing it’s job. And it can keep fluoride while taking out chlorine. The atoms are related and one cannot be selective in filtering either/or. So, you can’t do that! On so many levels all of this is disingenuous. Britta assumes you don’t know nuthin’. Maybe? Your ignorance is earning them pots of money. What they promise is that your water will go through their filter and your money will go in their coffers. It’s not a winning combination. If you read nothing else: Don’t do it.

One response

  1. …..yes! And, I love the ‘up to’ bit—-removes ‘up to’ 95% of all _________ ; provides ‘up to’ 100% of daily recommended vitamin D , etc etc. up to??? what’s up to mean???

    March 9, 2019 at 9:58 am

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