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“Before the term existed she proclaimed we would marry and had her mother invite me to a “playdate” at age eight. We were in the same classroom 3rd to 6th grade. When I moved we never communicated again. Fifty years later, I was deleting junk emails when Elkins caught my eye in the subject. Another classmate was inviting me to a class reunion, a class I never graduated with. Colleen? Oh, yes, she’s still around, recently widowed. She responded to my email with, “I’m nosy…” Within a month it was true love. Can you say happily ever after?”


I penned this for the New York Times – Tiny Love Stories. They didn’t publish it. Too many other submissions, mine not good enough.


We were classmates in third grade. Yes, many decades ago. Maine called to Colleen. Pemaquid lighthouse was the place, 2014. We returned last fall, the marriage still not complete. You can guess her longing and frustration. It was technical not reluctance on my part. We already live in a home together. Colleen chose our home in a day and I agreed from Saudi. People have said we looked “married.” I suppose we did. “Happily ever after” is not just in fairy tales.


Love is: “never having to worry about the wind in your hair.”

Who What Where and How


I think the “WHAT” is what counts. This was Colleen’s idea of announcement and I executed the concept. We are not finger models. But you may surmise correctly. Done! It’s relatively painless to accomplish in Delaware. The party is later. I did manage to photograph the event with a bit of help. It was a quiet. We eloped. We did not hurry although in concept we did? Fait accompli.

“More colloquially, elopement is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married.”

The minister and witnesses had prior commitments. So they left after the champagne toast and cake. Not my idea (the ETOH and cake). Six days and counting now… The family has been congratulatory. I don’t want to drag out the announcement further. As I said, “It’s been a heck of a month!”

It’s been a heck of a month

IMG_0370 (3)

Anniversary, birthday and more… to follow. It is Jules anniversary. They are visiting the site of their wedding. Jeff is sentimental. I knew I liked the guy. He took a couple days off. I’d have done it. Good for you guys. And though you don’t celebrate, it’s Noa’s one month date. Mothers know the date, day, hours and minutes from birth. So congratulations all around. In my humble and biased (very) opinion, the kid is cute. There’s been concern that Noa doesn’t smile often enough. Never mistake gas for a smile. As the waiters in Europe would always ask when ordering bottled water, “Sans gaz?” Yes, for real, look it up.

IMG_0359 (3)

Avec ou sans gaz? – FranceSays

Feb 18, 2016 – Now the French have adopted a similar term for sparkling water: ‘eau pétillante’. …. I love fizzy mineral water too but if it was a toss up between wine and …. on my first European trips, so back in the 60s, maybe your Mom had it right! …. That’s where this “avec ou sans gaz “comes from and it’s logical since …

Super blood wolf moon


Closest point to the earth, eclipse, Indian lore – first full moon in January. Super – when the moon and earth are closest to one another. Blood – the appearance when the earth has eclipsed the moon. Wolf – Indian tribes refer to the first full moon in January. I probably most likely have some of this mixed up enough to confuse you. No matter. It was a full moon with a lunar eclipse during the time when the earth and moon were closest to one another. I might add the temperature dropped and it was windy – bitter cold standing there to get images.

The moon is made of cheese and the mouse took a bite from the lower part until it ate/covered the moon. At that point I could see but not photograph the orange (red) moon. Tripod! And then long exposure, with the wind howling, it was near impossible. I could not get a sharp clear image of the moon.

Aha! Let the camera do the work. Darn! I let the ISO go to 6400, f 5.3, 1/4 second. It’s not sharp and there’s plenty of noise. But, I do have detail and color. Blood moon! Let me tell you it was cold! But then again there was little haze. That’s all good? Right?


To the new baby granddaughter (as yet unnamed on the night this was shot), this was the moon on the night you were born.


I’m searching for a new job. Photographer. Anyone with an iPhone is a photographer now. Need one? There are tons of poorly composed images. As in, bad composition. No matter. The tons of bad pictures make it hard to do business as a portrait photographer. You already have many many pics. The need to have a good one is much less when you consider the cost to pay for a good shot. Commercial? Not so easy either. If any of it were easy I guess there would be a great many professional photographers. I guess it’s easy enough. There are a lot of professionals. Big camera = professional? I wish. For the purchase price of a Nikon DSLR you are in! Hardly… as in nope! I fancy myself a cat portrait specialist today. They posed. Quirky, or straight on and into my camera. It works. I have better shots of cats than of my kids lately. Ha, my cats are captive and available.


There is no posing with cats. They do behaviors in their own time. Yawn or otherwise is not a thing that I can conjure. Spontaneous, it’s a fortuitous capture.

Lie still, don’t move. That works for me most of the time. I move in and shoot. They stare at me like I’m out of my mind. It works for both of us. No group shots please.


Elle, my most favorite cooperative model. She would run at the sight of a camera when we first met. Now, she’s resigned. What? Picture time? Ho hum…. She hides. I hunt her down…

Do you need a portrait? I know someone…



Never alone


You have seven cats, you never eat alone. I admit I have trained them poorly. They join me at/on the table whenever I eat. It’s a habit that I allowed to develop. My bad. I have discovered that the cats are not discriminatory but they do have preferences. Some but not all like chicken, beef, or pork. And then there’s always shrimp. I’m a softie. However, there are vegetarian meal. Then they are out of luck. But, there’s always cheese!

Art at the museum

There were several groups of kids running around the museum. They were undisciplined and loud. The teacher apologized profusely. No problem. We’ve been there/done that. We helped ourselves to their art supplies. And then we made our own art. In the corner over there…the discussion was intent. Why the corner? I’ve been framed before… See or be seen?