Word and Image

Archive for April 3, 2019


My recent experience at the museum listening to the art/photography critic tell me anything goes, has liberated my thinking. Hmmm…. am I repeating myself? A photograph, any photograph may be awful. But, perhaps in the eye of the beholder, it is not at all – bad. Break the rules, Break the conventions. Why not? Anything is fair game. I got five of my seven cats in one photo. No matter that one is cutoff and you don’t see the face. It’s blurred and out of focus. Slice of life – one cat is looking at me. What is it thinking? What was I thinking. I was thinking that there were five cats in proximity and tha,  somehow, I might get a picture with all of them together. I like to dream too. Tomorrow, I will wake up and take regular pictures again. Ha!