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Archive for April 7, 2019


Black and white: I’ve rediscovered it. This is another offshoot of the photo discussion by the museum exhibit judge. (Thanks, Colleen. She dragged me to it.) He did not discuss this topic. But, he got me to thinking about black and white photos today. There’s no simple way to shoot, develop, or print black and white film. Converting to black and white while post processing in Photoshop has never been satisfactory to me. Shooting black and white is a commitment to the technique. The tradeoff is that I am a color guy. I have been thinking in color for decades. It’s a work in progress. To be sure, it is way different from color. Embrace the madness?

I’m out of order in my posts. Sorry. But, I dabbled in black and white again, then promptly dropped it. It was a brief sidebar. At the end of the day, I’m still a color guy. Mostly.