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Vitamin – what’s in one?


Vitamins, duh! a multi-vitamin? Multi’s, of course. All that in a little red pill – red dye was not extra? All you need? Daily? I eat a lot of food. But really, all you need is that little red pill. 100% of daily requirement. Such a little pill, so much promise. Then there is Vit C and calcium. 1000 mg. That’s a pill to swallow! Why the big pill? To make it look more important? Or is that the minimum size in which to pack the chemical? If 100% of what I need is in the little red pill, what is it that makes a 1000 mg pill so large and so necessary?

Nuts! That would be a different question. Why do cashews cost so much? The price of VCR’s and flat screen TV’s came down…. the price of nuts never changes.

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