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Archive for June 6, 2019

Ya gotta pinch a little…not!


I’ve taken care of many a sick child. In neurosurgery “sick” means really sick! I was crazed with my first born, Jules, until I realized – with considerable relief – that most babies are born normal. In fact, that would be an overwhelming majority. And the other habit we had as a resident neurosurgeon was to automatically feel the fontanelle and run our hand up and down the babies back. We caught each other doing this to each of our own and their own kids.

Now that I’m a grandpa and no one was looking, I did the same. It never changes. I am happy to report that Noa has a normal head and the fontanelle is closing nicely and on time. And, she has no spinal dysraphism.


Oh, I play with babies. Fortunately, only the pictures will show that I can make them cry too. Otherwise, it never happened. This was our very first meeting. It’s all downhill from here.