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Ya gotta pinch a little…not!


I’ve taken care of many a sick child. In neurosurgery “sick” means really sick! I was crazed with my first born, Jules, until I realized – with considerable relief – that most babies are born normal. In fact, that would be an overwhelming majority. And the other habit we had as a resident neurosurgeon was to automatically feel the fontanelle and run our hand up and down the babies back. We caught each other doing this to each of our own and their own kids.

Now that I’m a grandpa and no one was looking, I did the same. It never changes. I am happy to report that Noa has a normal head and the fontanelle is closing nicely and on time. And, she has no spinal dysraphism.


Oh, I play with babies. Fortunately, only the pictures will show that I can make them cry too. Otherwise, it never happened. This was our very first meeting. It’s all downhill from here.


Washington is full of museums and official buildings of significance. There’s no way to know what’s what or all the names of places while wandering in a single day. Photo ops abound. There is plenty to see and to admire. The museums are free. Well, tax dollars paid for most of it. Why are they all in Washington? Or, is it like the Catholic church? All roads lead to Rome?


We arrived at 8:30am to see the blossoms. By noon the crowds were considerably more. In the early morning you are not alone but there is enough space to make it appear as though you have the trees to yourself. Later that task is much more challenging. I’m not an early morning person. I’m more a random come as you are and find what you see type. But here I was in the same place twice. We circled back to get to our parked car. Consider it time delay photo ops.


At the birdfeeder the photo ops are limited. A few species enjoy feeding. They are eating not posing for me. I don’t get much action. I do get an occasional action shot. Can you say abstract art?



Washington DC has always been a traffic nightmare. It’s a planned city. But then the planners did not plan for traffic, as in auto traffic jams. There’s precious little parking. There are lots of one-way streets. This sign is in an intersection and the entrance to a major highway. Turning onto the highway, a car must compete with the flow of pedestrians in the crosswalk. It is the perfect traffic jam. Saturday evening and I was jammed up two blocks back waiting through three traffic lights. Cars who felt privileged were cutting in all along. It was mayhem. Nice going. It’s nice to see good government in motion. NOT!!! Snafu, how true…



I don’t get too many people ops in Delaware. We don’t see too many people to note. But in Washington DC, photo ops are all around. Keep alert. Shoot early and often. There’s lots to see. I’m still a color guy at heart. I see color not black and white. It works for me. Yes, one needs to be vigilant. What? Umbrellas? Umm…why? I haven’t a clue. …just strangers being strange.


No rhyme or reason here. I like this image straight out of the camera. Flaws, sure?! Often I will take multiples to be sure I have captured the moment. Too often exposure or focus is an issue. This time there was one and only. Post production manipulation is always an option but I don’t choose to do much.