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Statue of…


It reminds me of the civil war. But no, it’s something else. These figures in front of a restaurant represent? It appears random. Maybe the owner acquired them and simply painted them whimsically. We would not have seen them had I not been stopped at a traffic light. And then, I noticed my camera battery was dead. Just two shots.



Ok it ain’t perfect. Not even close. But we had all the kids and grandkids in one place this summer. And I didn’t have to drive cross country to do it. Last year we had seven cats lined up for a photo op. This summer we got family in bunches. I got the family groups. The color balance doesn’t quite match. And the bookcase doesn’t quite line up. I bet you saw that right away. Don’t look too closely. It’s the whole family. I’m pretty happy. Oh! Someone always has their eyes closed. But, of course.



I’ve got a pair of escape artists. Given an opportunity they would escape to the wide wide world. They are a handful. So, they have limited time outside. They are indoor cats. We open the window a bit for them to feel the fresh air and the breeze. They look pitiful as they pine for the outside. But I want to eat in peace. So, they stay behind. Don’t worry their time will come.



When did I get old? I look like an old man now. Maybe it’s the hat? Maybe I should lose the hat. Maybe I’ve been looking the wrong way? Maybe I should stop complaining and appreciate what a wonderful life I’ve had? A sweet baby granddaughter will do that to you.


We saw a beach ad on a billboard. The beach, our beach, was full of umbrellas. Wow! It was crowded. Not really, the picture makes the beach look worse than it is. There’s plenty of space. Really! The umbrellas cover a lot of area. There’s plenty of sand to go around. I kid you not. Now go away!

Profile in cat


Good light. I love to catch a good portrait. My cats are the perfect models. They pose. I shoot. We are all very happy.

Ready to fly


This group of barn swallow babies grew up overnight. They had a great steady diet of worms and are about to fall out of the nest. There’s simply no room left. I shall miss them. Fly away! Be safe! Come again and raise babies of your own.

Silver spoon

…born with… It’s a saying about rich kids. Noa is rich in that she has very loving parents. Do you need more? I can’t think of thing that is better than to be loved dearly. Me? Oh yes! She has reached the age where she slings food and wears it proudly. Yes! … to that too.


We have a number of butterflies who come to the plants to eat. And much of the time they have injured their wings. This one is no exception and has a missing part to the back left. I am amazed at the detail of the camera and lens. I am good. The camera makes me look better. Between us we got a few great shots.



Patch is our cat. He’s one of seven cats in our home. They all have habits. Patch likes to hang out the fence and look out over the wide world. Looking for birds or flying bugs? Who knows? He loves to hang out and gaze upon the world. I know he’s having a good time. That is enough to make me happy too.


The bird flashed by my peripheral vision. Nice! It stayed still long enough for about two shots. It’s fascinating that the plumage is not more noticeable. But even the male blends right in to the foliage. Colleen doesn’t believe it. It does seem that the plumage of the cardinal changes with the season.



Ripe red juicy! Imagine that! I watered the plant that bore these beauties. Proud! I can hardly believe my green thumb. Yes, they taste as good as they look!

Six cats


It’s a game. You can see six cats in this pic. I grant that you may only see a part of a cat, like the tail. But sure enough, there are six lurking about waiting for breakfast. Six of seven cats. I’m amused too.



You can hide. Feather does not like company. So she hides in the closet. Then the kids know where to go to find her. New hiding place? Not yet. Smart – cat? Kid? Unknown? It’s an experiment in progress. I still find Feather in her spot. Leave the cat in peace please. Who told on her?


They are little and then they grow up. Cats and cousins. Everyone was trying to see what cats like. I suppose it’s not easy nor recommended to ride a bike and shoot pictures. But, otherwise how would I have a shot?



Do you? We were playing a game. And during the interlude to bathe the baby, Colleen and Jeff set up a domino rally. Noa was scared from the noise of the falling dominoes. Of course. But it was a fun interlude.



I don’t do them. Never have. Here I am. Front and center. We are at the 50th reunion of the class I would have graduated had my family stayed in the community. Instead I am an honorary member embraced by all the folks who knew me way back when. Notice there is no mention of the time or year? Look at all the folks who got old and grey? Ha! To be honest there were a lot of people who came and shook my hand. I would not have recognized a single one. How’d they know me? …by the nametag on my shirt, of course.

Golden Horseshoe

Back in the eighth grade (mine) I won the Golden Horseshoe, a prize for West Virginia state history. It’s a multiple choice exam of WV trivia and such. I remember one question on Claire Bee, a WV author. Well, there were four of us to win from each county. That would be about 250+. The black and white photo – I am there front and center next to the education secretary. Don’t ask. I had an Argus C3 brick in hand (camera). This was my first foray into photography. It was an utter dismal failure. Meanwhile the four winners from my county – me, Bill, John, and Marty – all went about our separate lives to be rejoined on this one occasion of our 50th high school reunion.



I have never heard the term – photobomb. Oh well, you learn new things every day. Thanks Emma. All I know is that these days say “bomb” and the CIA is listening in on your phone.



I’d like to remember 9/11. I got married (the first time) on that date. And now, it’s completely different because of terrorism. The raw pain and anguish has finally subsided this year. Life has moved on. Like other historical horrors, this event has lost its edge. I suppose for an entire generation it will have about the same historical meaning as “Pearl Harbor” which occurred years before my birth. In past years I would post a pic from that fateful day in 2001. Now, it was the beach on that day last year. This year I will be in Scotland. Nothing to note yet, I schedule posts in advance because of my busy schedule. I haven’t forgotten the day…

Disco jump


I have been asking groups all summer to jump. In DE it is not a native custom. So, I taught the group the secret. You raise your hands. You bend your knees. It looks like you are a star. It works. My own kids taught me. I did not discover the trick by myself. Well, here was an early try. Disco Saturday night fever?



You see kids make faces. This one stands out from the usual. Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it. Cute! Why? What? I’ve no clue. She just posed spontaneously and I had a camera in hand. I can only tell you that I was taking so many pictures that my subject was no longer self conscious with a camera in my hand.


I know we probably were on someone’s property to get these shots. Thank you. Gorgeous! They don’t plant every year. I got shots a couple years back and then not again till now. It was fun! I’m glad the flowers were out for us to see.



There are osprey nests all along the road. We stopped to view the parents and their newborn. How nice! I see one parent or another, but rarely the offspring. Lucky! We didn’t see the little one the next day.