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Archive for February 3, 2020

Haapy? Thanx?


It’s been a few months since thanksgiving. I guess it’s safe to mention the following:

1. Eating cold turkey is against the spirit of things. Jess made the bird early on the day of. Jeremy read a Youtube on how to carve? Cold turkey? No! It’s roast turkey. That would be hot. A restaurant would not serve cold turkey except in a sandwich. And even then, it’s hot turkey sandwich!

2. Jess has a phobia about germs. Is the turkey done? And she would never ever!!! stuff the bird. We threw out the sponge after it was used to wipe the counter. Yeah?? me too??

3. Expiration date? The broth was just expired. We almost threw the can out. Keep the can, throw out the broth…

4. My true love, Colleen, precisely cut all the stuffing into precise cubes… only to throw everything together and mash it all together in a crock pot. Yes!! Precise cuts, all the while complaining her knife was dull.

5. I admit I sat in awe! I did not say a word. Speechless! I can and have cooked thanksgiving, soup to nuts for years. No one asked. I did not volunteer. I just sat stupefied. How did they all get this far and never know how to make thanksgiving. To me it is akin to watching a train wreck all the while knowing how to do things. … each was happy in ignorant bliss.

6. Have no expectation. Have no disappointment. I wasn’t. ???

7. Next gen – not too much hope there?

8. The official photographer has no duty but ….

9. Turkey is a duty. There is no more stress than on this day when you make something you make once a year and barely remember “how to” from year to year. The NYT Times published hundreds of recipes and “HOW TO’s” in advance; no one reads NYT around here.

10. Yes, that would be “turkey in a bag.” It’s not picturesque. It looks more like a leftover preview. Hey! Dinner. I can’t complain. My feet were up and my fingers clean the whole way through.