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Archive for February 20, 2020


Support. It’s out there. Support your despot. Clemency… convicted of trying to selloff a US Senate seat! There are those among you who don’t care. Why? As Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be king.” Sorry, it doesn’t sit right by me. What have I missed? Congress and the American people are ok with this? And you? We? Anybody home? I sit and watch the emperor with no clothes and wonder how it is no one is paying attention? …anyone but trump.


Yes, it’s yogurt (thick)! Who invented the spoon and why? How about chopsticks? How about them?!  It (fingers) looks like fun. But, I’m a neat eater. I don’t like sauce or mess… or yogurt on my fingers. I guess it’s taught – using utensils. I can pick up a single grain of rice with chopsticks. Neat? Fun? We learn to use flush toilets too. Okay! But, isn’t it hard to look at this kid and not want to wipe her fingers and mouth?


It’s all in the aim, ain’t it? Small implement, small target, messy result.