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Archive for March 8, 2020

Square peg round hole

Change a light bulb with the following tools:

I have a pair of lights at the top of a 16 foot ceiling. I don’t know the exact height. I can’t reach with a ladder 8-10 foot, or a light bulb (yellow) changer, 11 foot, or a (silver) reacher, 8 foot. Ah! Take a ten foot ladder and add… There’s more. The bulb is a CFL twisted glass thing. The ingenious devils put inside a CFL cover. I was totally fooled. The cover can be removed easily enough (suction cup). Then you have to unscrew the CFL bulb. There’s only the 8 foot grabber for that task. Okay! But the (regular, typical round) bulb replacement needs the grabber too. The suction on the 11 foot bulb changer doesn’t fit to the new (round) bulb. And so on and so on…. I got the darned bulbs changed. By now you are laughing at how complicated it is for me to change a light bulb.