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Really?! I heard there was a run on TP in the grocery. We were there for some veggies. Yup! No, nada, none. Toilet paper and corona are linked? It affects the lungs not the large intestine. I’m mystified. It’s the Democrats too. The right wing Fox media has said that it’s all a hoax and there is no emergency until this afternoon when it became a national emergency. Poor Republicans, shhhh… there’s no TP left at the store. I got. Want some? Or, as the pic indicates, there was a run on TP by short people.

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  1. …..same here in Kamloops, British Columbia, a city of 95,000 with zero infections. None at Costco, none at Walmart, none at any of the other supermarkets either. Once those who think being quarantined means being confined so long that they have to stock up on toilet paper–once they raid the shelves, then people who couldn’t care less about it see a reduction in supply and so feel the need to buy more than normal, followed by people who are literally down to their last roll at home, and are so freaked out by empty shelves they drive wildly all over the place trying to score the last, lingering pieces of two ply, until there is none to be had. One would think management would step in and limit 2 per person.

    March 14, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    • I was once upon a time riding the tram from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico. People were carrying multipaks of toilet paper to Mexico. Another mystery.

      March 14, 2020 at 3:56 pm

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