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Wear one. Cats don’t catch or transmit corona. Thank goodness. Cute?! Solidarity? You bet.

007 – status – active


I gotta say that these are moral ethical dilemmas for our time. God! License to kill! Yes, there is so much to ponder. We, as physicians, have been accused of playing “god.” And, indeed, there was a time before I began my career. when we all (some) believed that to be true. I grew up in the Viet Nam war era. I have seen god play doctor. I have seen colleagues “execute” patients – in the name of mercy, or not. I have experienced (not proudly) the battlefield mentality that overtakes an embattled intern on-call in his 23rd hour in a busy inner city ER.

I agree. Yes, I’m being obtuse. Which? Which which?

But which? For the right to decide? Who? It’s personal. For every righteous decision, there are those who would use this mandate poorly. We only need look to our fearless leader.  With nary  a hair out of place (hairspray, lots of it) he refused to wear a mask. Fashion statement? Defiance? Stupidity?

There will always be second guessing on this call to double 0 status. Will we, as a profession, be judicious, given “00” status?


Grab shots, where you grab the camera and don’t get a chance to really get it (the pic) because conditions are awful. But, hey! There is a completely embarrassing photo not included today. You may guess, but I have no desire to relate humor at the expense of my dear wife. (Eh? I will get to live another day.) What you get is that my cats play a game, as illustrated here. The bat their toys under the sideboard. Then, they sit and watch, patiently waiting, until mercifully my wife will go under the cabinet to retrieve their toys. Then, they promptly lose them again. Insanity! Repeat, and hope for a different result? Oh yeah!